2022 4Q Update Notice

2022.12.08 Update

Hello, this is the KlaytnScope team. The transparency of blockchain information is always one of our main goals.

The "Account" features mentioned in our previous March 18th update roadmap have been updated (Link).

In addition to the last update(Link) of Contract Lifecycles, Delegates, and Custom ABIs, this update simplifies the process of locating hacking and rug-pulling incidents, as well as asset transfers.

Moreover, KlaytnScope Docs have been opened, and we'll continue to track the enhancement and update of basic features.

1. Improved Account Information Display

  • Real-time Account Key Type and next Nonce are displayed. It also displays the Nonce value of the address and the Account Key. You can view the unique features of Klaytn addresses, such as Multisig and RoleBased.

  • Provides Account Update history.

    Provides information on when and how account keys for addresses were changed.

  • Provided Tx Account Update Interpretation

    Analyzes difficult-to-understand Account Update contents and provides explanations. For instance, if there was a hacking incident and an update took place, information about which legacy's PublicKey the new PublicKey was, is provided to make related addresses more trackable.

    Please note that the Legacy address displayed after interpretation is only a result calculated from the PublicKey and is not related to Account Key.

    Legacy addresses and Ethereum addresses share the same private key.

2. Improved Token Page

The Token / NFT page now includes an address search option and additional lookup options. You can now view records of specific tokens more easily in the Account's Token tab rather than searching via tabs. You can now easily track token distributions and deposits/withdrawals.

3. Search Options Added

The following search options are added to the Transaction/Internal Transaction/Token Transfer/NFT Transfer/Token Page. With these search options, you can easily track hacking damage, rug pulls, or asset transfers.

  • See only “From address” / See only “To address”

  • Newest / Oldest

  • Filter by “Tx Type” (optional)

4. Provided Internal Tx Trace Details

We provide trace information in detail for more specific internal transaction debugging. This information can be found at the bottom of the "Internal Transaction" page, which can be accessed via the "Transaction" page. We strive to provide more transparent and detailed information for Klaytn developers and analysts.

5. UX

As the Tx Type was added to the filter, the address and method widths have been adjusted. A community suggestion has led to the addition of an experimental feature that allows users to save and display a list of visited addresses within one tab. Instead of going back to the browser, the history is displayed by address/page unit, and only 15 are saved. There have also been some improvements to mobile usability.

Thank you.

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