Transactions Overview


List of transactions in a block. It provides general information about each transaction.

Status indicator

Indicates whether the transaction was successful or not. It is located at the top right side of the Overview section. Refer to Klaytn Docs for details on the status displayed.

TX Type

Type of transaction.


The number of the block in which the transaction was executed. Clicking on the block number for block details.


The transaction sender's address. Click the address for Account or Contract details.


The transaction recipient's address. Click the address for Account or Contract details.

Token Transfers

Displays the number of token transfers.

NFT Transfers

Displays the number of NFT transfers.

Fee Payer

Displayed if the transaction fee is fully or partially delegated. Click the “Fee Payer address” for account details.


Time since the transaction was executed.


The number of transactions sent from the sender's address. Starting from 0, it increases by 1 sequentially each time a transaction is executed.


The amount of KLAY transferred through the transaction. It displays the estimated KLAY price atthe time the transaction was executed.

Gas Price

The price of KLAY per gas. Generally, this value is fixed on Klaytn Network. Depending on blockchain network congestion, the price may be adjusted.

Effective Gas Price

The actual gas fee that was used in the transaction. It is equivalent to the Base Fee. In a block, all transactions are calculated using the same Base Fee.

Gas Used

The amount of gas used to execute the transaction.

Gas Limit

The maximum amount of gas the transaction sender is willing to pay.

TX Fee

The fee incurred in processing the transaction. The “TX Fee” is calculated by multiplying the “Gas Price” by the “Gas Used.”

Burnt Fees

Fee automatically burnt from transaction costs. The burn rate is 50%.


The function identified in the input data. This is the function identified in the input data of a transaction. The method name is displayed if it is a recognizable or well-known function. In the case of unidentified functions, the method signature is displayed.

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