Block Number

The blocks are displayed sequentially in order of newest to oldest. Starting with the genesis block, every block has a unique number.

Date Time / AGE

The block creation time is displayed by local, UTC, or elapsed time. You can change the displayed time by clicking on the “Time” tab.

  • DATE TIME: Displays block creation time in “LOCAL” or “UTC time”.

  • AGE: Elapsed time since block creation.

Total Transactions

The total number of transactions included in a block.

Block Proposer

The governance consensus node that proposed the block. The node that creates the block is random but may be selected deterministically. The chances of being selected as a Governance Council member are proportional to the quantity of KLAY staking.

More information about the Consensus Node can be found by clicking the named address.

Base Fee

The actual gas fee used in the transaction is also known as the “Effective Gas Price”. Transaction costs in one block are calculated using the same “Base Fee”. The used gas is calculated using Klaytn Virtual Machine (KLVM). Below are the current transaction costs calculated by KLVM.


As blocks are created and added to the Klaytn blockchain, rewards are received at the rate shown below.

  • To Council Reward (50%)

  • To KGF ( Klaytn Growth Fund ) (40%)

  • To KIR ( Klaytn Improvement Reserve ) (10%)

Burnt Fees

The cost automatically burnt from the transaction costs. The amount burnt is 50% of the transaction fee.

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