Block Details


Provides a general overview of the block.


Elapsed time after block creation.


Unique identifier of the block.

Parent Hash

Unique identifier of the previous block. Clicking on “Parent Hash” will take you to the “Block Details” page.

Total TXs

The total number of transactions in a block.

Block Reward

The total of newly mined KLAY and transaction fees used in the block. Only the sum of the Klaytn Governance Council rewards, Klaytn Foundation Fund, and the Klaytn Community Fund is shown on this list. Put your cursor on the rewards section for detailed information about block rewards.

Block Size

Block size in bytes. More transactions increase the size of a block.

Base Fee

The actual gas fee used in the transaction. It’s also known as the “Effective Gas Price”. Transaction costs in one block are calculated using the same base fee.

Burnt Fee

The cost automatically burnt from the transaction costs. The amount burnt is 50% of the transaction fee.


List on Consensus Nodes that propose and validate blocks.

Block Proposer

The governance consensus node that proposed the block. The node that creates the block is random but may be selected deterministically. The chances of being selected as a Governance Council member are proportional to the quantity of KLAY staking.

More information about the “Consensus Node” can be found by clicking the named address.

Validators (30)

Consensus Node that validates blocks. More information about the Consensus Node can be found by clicking the named address.

Transactions / Internal Transactions

Provides transaction information in the block. When a transaction begins, sub-transactions are also executed. These are called internal transactions.

Reward Distribution

Provides detailed block reward information after the Kore hardfork. Users can check the reward amount, receiving address type, and address.

Treasury Rebalance

KIP-103 hard fork has rearranged assets from KGF and KIR to KCF and KFF.

The details of the asset rearrangement can be found on the details page (Cypress: 119750400, Baobab: 119145600) of the block where the hard fork took place. The “Treasury Rebalance” tab on the block details page will display the number of KLAYs burnt and created by address.

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