Update History

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3Q 2023

◆ Function Update

  • NFT Inventory Tab, Reformation of NFT Details Page (Details)

◆ Chain Information Update

  • Provide NFT Metadate Information (Details)



◆ Function Update

  • Implementation of anti-phishing personalized image solution (Anti-phishing)

◆ Chain Information Update

  • Provide Information on Burn (Details)

  • Added Treasury Rebalance (Details)

1Q 2023

◆ Function Update

  • Added New button for viewing GC-related addresses (Details)

◆ Chain Information Update

  • Changes to the token page, including the price, price trend graph for the last 7 days, transaction amount, market capitalization, etc. (Details)

  • Provide block reward history (After Kore hardfork) (Details)

  • Provide information on block reward distribution (After Kore hardfork) (Details)

  • Provide information regarding the value of holding assets by wallet address (Details)

  • Added ‘Deployed Contracts list by address search function’ (Details)

4Q 2022

◆ Function Update

  • Block Count Down page (Details)

  • Contract Low Level Interaction functions

  • Search Option Function (From/To/Order)(Details)

  • Token Page Advancement (Details)

◆ Chain Information Update

  • Added Additional information on Account Page

  • Added Account Update History (Details)

  • Added Account Update Transaction Interpretation (Details)

  • Provided Estimated Event Name Information

  • Added Internal Transaction Debug Trace (Details)

3Q 2022

◆ Function Update

  • Wallet Connect Function

  • Approval / Revoke Function for Token / NFT(Details)

  • Contract Code Registration Automation Function (Details)

  • Token Information Registration Function (Details)

  • Contract Read & Write & Custom ABI Function (Details)

  • Added UTC, Age, Local Options (Details)

◆ Chain Information Update

  • CSV Export Function (Details)

  • Added Delegate (Delegator/Delegatee) Information (Details)

  • Added Contract’s Life Cycle Information (Details)

2Q 2022

GC Information Main Tab

  • Added Governance Council Staking Status and History(Details)

  • Added Network Information(Details)

◆ Function Update

  • Address Naming Function

◆ Provided Klaytn Papers

  • Added Documents Such As White Papers, Ecosystem Reports, and Disclosures

1Q 2022

Klaytnscope V2 Open

  • Improved Chain Data Processing Speed

  • Gathered Information to Provide Additional Function

◆ Function Update

  • Added "Enter Page Number to Search" Function

  • Applied Klaytn Protocol Updates

◆ Chain Information Update

  • Added Transaction Revert Message

  • Provided Estimated Transaction/ Internal Transaction Method (Details)

4Q 2021

Bridge Main Tab

1Q 2021

◆ Chain Information Update

  • Added FeePaid Transaction Information on Account Page (Details)

4Q 2020

Chain Information Update

  • Added NFT Token information (KIP-17, KIP-37, ERC-1155)

3Q 2020

◆ Function Update

  • Additional Token Information Display Function

  • Main Page Real-Time Block/Transaction Display Function

◆ Chain Information Update

  • Contract Source Code Display

2Q 2020

Transfer of Klaytnscope's Operations to Ozys

◆ Chain Information Update

  • Added Token Information

  • Added Token Transfer Information

  • Added Internal Transaction Information

2Q 2019

Klaytnscope Open (Genesis)

  • Introduced Klaytn Blockchain Official Explorer (Details)

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