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2023.08.03 Update

We are pleased to share with you the Klyatnscope 2023 third-quarter updates.

We have redesigned the NFT page to provide detailed information on various NFTs.

1. NFT image information is provided.

In the Inventory tab of the NFT page and on the specific NFT ID detail page, users can see the image of each NFT.

2. NFT metadata is provided.

The metadata includes not only the image but also the NFT's name, attributes, and description. Users can find this metadata information on the detail page for a specific NFT ID (e.g., #2023).

With this update, KlaytnScope users will be able to access information about NFTs within the Klaytn ecosystem more quickly and efficiently. The klaytnScope team will continue to provide comprehensive and transparent blockchain information.

Thank you.

2023.04.24 Update

Hello. KlaytnScope's 2nd quarter update for 2023 is now available.

1. Reorganization of Main page

  • Provides information about Klaytn Mainnet's key currency, KLAY. KLAY price, 24-hour trading volume, circulating supply, and market cap information are available on the main page.

  • Provides information on the number of Total KLAYs burnt during the month. A total KLAY burnt is calculated by adding the KLAY burnt for the gas fee, manually burned KLAY, and KLAY burnt during KIP103 hard fork.

2. Implementation of anti-phishing personalized image solution (Anti-phishing)

The personalized image is a combination of the image selected by the user and the personally recognized character entered by the user and is a security service to distinguish each website from Ozys apart from phishing websites. Since the personalized image set by the user is the information only the user can know, it can be hard to secure that information or implement it in the same form on phishing sites. Therefore, it helps users prevent phishing damage.

For more information, please refer to the Medium posting.

3. Added Treasury Rebalance Tab

KIP-103 hard fork has rearranged assets from KGF and KIR to KCF and KFF.

The details of the asset rearrangement can be found on the details page (Cypress: 119750400, Baobab: 119145600) of the block where the hard fork took place. The “Treasury Rebalance” tab on the block details page will display the number of KLAYs burnt and created by address.

KlaytnScope will continue to provide more detailed and transparent blockchain information.

Thank you.

2023.04.03 Update

Hello, this is the Klaytnscope team.

As a leading explorer that expands the Klaytn ecosystem, Klaytnscope constantly strives to provide transparent blockchain information.

We would like to inform users of Klaytnscope's updates for the first quarter.

1. Tokens List Page and Token Detail Page

  • The "Token List" page has been updated. Users can now directly check the token price, 24-hour price change rate, recent 7-day price trend graph, transaction volume, and market capitalization information on Klaytnscope. Users can also sort tokens by the above information. The information provided by Klaytnscope is based on data from allbit.com.

  • • The price information will be added to the "Token Detail" page. If users filter a specific address, users will see the price and valuation information of tokens in the account.

2. Blocks Page

  • The "Reward Distribution" tab has been added. The newly added tab provides detailed information on block reward distribution after the Kore hardfork.

3. Transactions Page

  • It displays the estimated KLAY price at the time the transaction was executed. The estimated KLAY price at the time the transaction prior to October 2022 will be updated later.

4. Account Page and Contract Page

  • The search button "Addresses Concerned" has been added for easy access to GC-related address lists (GC, CN, Reward). For example, on the CN address page, users can check the related node's Governance address and Reward address and access the detail page..

  • On the "Token Balance" tab, users can see the price and valuation of KLAY and tokens held by the account or contract.

  • The "Deployed Contracts" tab has been added. The list of deployed contracts can be viewed on the account detail page or by searching for a specific address in the search bar. Users can check the deployed contract address, transaction hash, deployment time, and whether the contract is matched.

5. GC Info Page

  • The "Reward History" tab has been added. This tab allows users to check block reward rate changes along with the block number.

  • • After the Kore hardfork, the estimated annual reward will be updated. The block proposer's reward will be evenly distributed without applying the Gini coefficient. The staking reward will be distributed proportionally to the amount staked by each node.

As a result of this update, users can expect improved service usability and more detailed information on each page. As always, Klaytnscope will strive to provide transparent blockchain information.

Thank you.

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