NFTs Details

There are two types of NFTs, KIP-17 and KIP-37. KIP-17 provides ID information and KIP-37 provides both ID and value information.


You can check basic information on NFT and apply for NFT information registration

NFT Transfers

You can check the transfer history of the NFT.

If you want to check the transfer history of a specific address, you can enter the address in the search bar at the top or click the address in the “NFT Transfers” to view only the NFT transfer history of that address, as shown in the image below.


It provides the addresses of the holders, quantity, and percentage of shares of the NFT.


Provides NFT thumbnail, Token ID, and holder address.

Clicking on a specific NFT ID (e.g., #500) on the detail page will display metadata.

Metadata is available on the detail page of each ID. An NFT's metadata includes its name, attributes, description, and image

You can see the original image when clicking the image.

NFT Information Update Application

If the code for the NFT is registered, the NFT deployer can apply for NFT information registration by clicking the ‘More’ button in the upper right corner of the page.

You can conveniently register and modify symbols, logos, official websites, white papers, Medium, GitHub, and social media (Twitter, Discord, Telegram).

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